L'Éclair Noir

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15 Minutes of Fame(FANGIRLS)

What am I to do with all this silence?.

ursaminor said: What is the name of the song that plays here at your page? I reallyl liked it. :) Btw, loved your tumblr. It's awesom!

It’s Disposition, by Tool. I hadn’t visited my Tumblr in months so I actually had to visit and see what the song was.
Thanks, appreciation is always much appreciated. 

wickedseductive said: Your blog is beautiful, I love your beautiful mind <3

Spank you very much. You’ve maintained a delectable blog yourself. :¬)

Anonymous said: where do you live?

I live in a castle, mostly gold walls and silver frames with a lot of Nazi paraphernalia, also a lot of Renoir, Helnwein,Warhol and Degas paintings in them. Most of them are stolen from museums, I replaced them with my own identical forgeries. Unfortunately I have amnesia so I don’t remember the exact address but I’m sure everybody on Omicron Persei 8 knows my address. It’s the only place with a harem of 169 women.

Anonymous said: what is your real name?

My name is Derp Trolldad Derpinson.
(why you no click ‘about me’ link on my blog instead of asking the obviously aforementioned?) 

fuxiaomian said: Hello. I love your photos so much. They are so overwhelming and aesthetic. I haven't been here for several days and you changed the wallpaper(background picture) of your profile. I love that one(stary sky) so so much! Would you please show it to me again? Thanks a lot!

In fact I changed the whole theme. Going to try this one for a while and keep making changes in the wallpaper, etc, until I modify it to being satisfying or decide to revert back to the old theme again. I’m on my tablet, the next time I log in with a computer you’ll see changes. Thank you very much, both for the appreciation and the suggestion.

ebolaandbruises said: I truly love your blog. its so original and refreshing.

D’aww thanks. It’s mostly reblogs and other artists’ works but then I guess you mean it’s original in the way it’s brought together. Thank you.